What are the Procedures for Skin Checks at Malabar Medical Centre?

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Skin check-up is a common procedure for identifying various skin problems or underlying health conditions such as cancer. Skin checks can be performed by dermatologists or skin mould and lesions check-up doctors. At Malabar Medical Centre, you can get the highest quality skin check.

But before you head to skin checks here we will discuss the details of the skin checks procedure for your help.

Step-by-step procedure at Malabar Medical Centre for Skin checks

Malabar Medical Centre offers the highest quality skin checks to ensure the best care at the right time. Here are the procedure details of skin checks given below-

•     Skin check procedures address issues like previous cases of skin cancers, family history of skin problems, previous excisions, frequency of sun protection and sun exposure.

•         Patients are asked to nominate all the spots they wish to treat.

•        The patients have private rooms for undressing and wearing medical gowns or sheets thereafter they are instructed to sit on the centre couch of the highly illuminated check-up room.

•        The check-up dermatologist or doctor will thoroughly examine the sun exposure areas; they may even palpate certain areas with lesions for better understanding.

•          The doctor will ask to sit during a face and hand skin examination. They may ask you to lie down on the face to examine the back, neck and shoulder areas and lie on the back to examine the abdomen, chest and legs.

•        If you are going for a skin check-up for a previously diagnosed melanoma, the doctor may palpate the liver and lymph nodes to examine the condition.

•       Also, if the doctor suspects skin mould, lesions or patches are abnormal or giving pain and tingling sensation during physical examination, they may recommend you to do screening or x-ray to find out what it is.

•        Once the physical examination is over the doctor may ask you questions about your medical history and family history of having certain skin problems. In some cases, they may ask for previous reports to understand and suggest treatment plans based on the physical examination and the details shared.


Skin checks are an essential part of preventive cancer care. They also help in identifying other skin disorders in the early stages. So, I can get the best treatment at the right time. The skin check provided at Malabar Medical Centre, involves physical examination, screening, observation, and medical and family history analysis to ensure effective early detection and treatment of various skin problems.